How many proteins per chip?

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How many proteins per chip?

Postby Curious George » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:20 pm

We are considering starting protein profiling at TATAA using your the ProSeek. My understanding is we can run 92 samples per chip, is that correct? If we want to run 184 samples can we fit them into two chips or are additional controls needed if we want to combine the runs into a single analysis? If controls are needed, how many and what kind? Shall we provide them or are they included in the "kit"?

Curious George
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Re: How many proteins per chip?

Postby olink » Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:46 pm

The Proseek Multiplex kit contains technical controls that are used for normalization of data within and between runs. Each kit has room for 90 samples and 6 provided controls. If you want to analyze different groups of samples it is important to mix groups across the plates to avoid having e.g. all patient samples on one plate and all control samples on the other. I hope this answers your questions. /olink
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