Data export from LightCycler 480 Roche

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Data export from LightCycler 480 Roche

Postby AlinaM » Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:57 pm


I would like to ask how should I import data to GenEX from LC480? I'm testing demo version, but unfortunatelly have some problems at the beginning. I have found information in manual that there is a WIZARD tool to export data from LC480, is there a need of a licence for using it? Also the avaible projects of plates are not useful to my experiment. On one plate I'm checking the expression of 28 genes with normalization to three reference genes (duplicate of each sample and negative control) on the same cDNA and I would like to normalize the results with calibrator that is on the othet plate. Is it possible to do it with GenEx software? I have notice that there is Interplate Calibration function, is it the same to LightCycler 480 Multiple Plate Analysis Software?

I would be grateful for response and help.

With regards,
Alina M.
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Re: Data export from LightCycler 480 Roche

Postby MultiDAdmin » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:46 pm

Dear Alina
You should use the GenEx "Import Wizard" to import data from any instrument. The problem with LC480 export file is that it does not contain Gene names. The work around is to export another file from LC480 "sample Editor" which contain Gene names. Please note that you might have many export files. But Genex import only one "Sample Editor" file. This means that GenEx expect all the plates to have the same gene setup.

To view the instructions for how to export data from LC480 software select menu "Help/Instruments export instructions" and read the section for LC480.

I will be happy to run a demo and also help you to import and pre-process your data. If you are interested please contact me by email amin(at) .

Amin Forootan
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